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Reasons why sexism is wrong 

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his ears omg he looks so happy


Stand down and let me handle this.


hazel actually getting to meet her father with her friends and her brother all round her, every last one of them terrified that this is it, this is the moment they have to say goodbye, pluto is going to have to take hazel way for good now

instead pluto looks at hazel dispassionately and says, “if i’m not mistaken, you were judged worthy of elysium, were you not?”

"erm," hazel says, looking back at him nervously. "well, yes, technically, but—"

"then what," pluto continues, "is the problem? the souls judged for elysium are given freedom to choose rebirth. did you not want rebirth?"

"no!" hazel said. "i mean, yes. i mean, no, i did want rebirth, that’s what i picked"

pluto nods. “good. because once you choose rebirth you’re chained to another mortal life until you die, and killing one’s demigod children is the sort of heinous act i leave to my brother.”

no one bothers pointing out that hazel was judged worthy of elysium but sent to asphodel instead. no one mentions she’s only alive again because her brother defied their father to bring her back.

no one cares about a liberal interpretation of the laws of nature, frankly, because it means the lord of the underworld is willing to turn a blind eye and hazel can stay with them.

hazel minds least of all.

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also what is with people who think nico is some kind of food/coffe snob just because he’s italian

he was ten when he left italy

he considered mcdonalds happy meals an appropriate meal offering to the dead

(wasn’t he even younger than that?)

For real he would be all about ramen and anything he could add water to and microwave and eat.

He would get the biggest kick out of Spaghetti-O’s because SPAGHETTI COMES IN A CAN NOW HOW EASY. Piper or Jason or someone would try to get him to go get Starbucks and he would be like ‘why McDonalds has coffee for like a dollar plus we can get McMuffins and fries”

uncle rick is extremely inconsistent with the timeline of nico’s backstory so honestly who the hell knows

nico being that nerd who gets so excited about spaghettios and uses them to practice spelling out words on his dinner plate

bianca is quietly horrified. “nico, stop playing with your food, that’s so rude!”

nico just smiles up at her with infectious glee. “look, bianca, i can spell sword!”


not completely happy with it but i’m done

ace jason grace.


baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive


Dani and Billy from Hocus Pocus. I love how Billy kept her safe within the salt circle :3